The Evolution of Manufacturing Equipment – Specialized Machines for Specialized Tasks

Side Frame Drill FrontManufacturing equipment grows more sophisticated all the time. The technological revolution that turned your phone into a computer and that is sweeping through the other devices in your home has made its way to the manufacturing floor as well. In addition to mechanical know-how, today’s machine operators have to be familiar with programming in order to fine tune the various controls and protocols that govern an ever increasing array of machines.

As products become more specialized, machines need to follow suit. Just as a custom product will do a specified job better than a standard product tweaked to suit the task, a custom machine will more efficiently manufacture that product. Product dictates machine design, not the other way around. When we get a new project here at Gateway, our process engineer will often build a new machine from the ground up. And the customization doesn’t stop there. All of our production lines are purposefully designed around our customer’s specific project. Properly planning and laying out the production line cuts down on wasted steps and down time; ultimately cutting lead times, and maximizing margins for our customers.

Side Frame Drill BackLean manufacturing practices are helping companies survive and thrive in today’s difficult economic landscape. The key to successfully implementing lean practices is to design equipment and processes suited to the task at hand. This optimization hinges on having skilled engineers on staff to construct and manage manufacturing equipment, constantly adjusting mechanical components and software protocols to fit the changing parameters of a project.

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