Guide to Selecting the Perfect Pet Gate

If you’re searching for a pet gate for your home, you may quickly discover that they come in a myriad of different sizes, materials and mechanisms. Navigating through the options can indeed be overwhelming if you haven’t first considered the specific features that you want or need. The experts at Gateway Manufacturing are happy to offer our tips and suggestions to help you make the right choice.

An important consideration when you start your search is location. A common location for pet gates is at the top of a staircase. Called “top of stairs” gates, these gates are practical for owners of dogs both old and young. They protect young puppies from falling down a set of stairs and getting injured. They also protect old or sick dogs from climbing or descending stairs without proper assistance. The location of the gate can help you determine its size, type, and even style.

The size and temperament of your pet is also a deciding factor. A toy-sized dog typically won’t require a tall gate, while a larger breed animal would. A smaller dog may also be able to fit through the widely-spaced slats on certain gates, making mesh a better option. Animals that are prone to jumping over obstacles might also require a taller gate. Your pet’s size and personality can thus determine the height and style of the gate that’s best for your home.

Durability and looks are also important factors for many pet owners. Some gates are made from wire mesh, while others are made from wood. Wire is an ideal choice for dogs that tend to chew. Wood, on the other hand, has an organic look and feel and may be colored with pet-safe stains to match the surrounding décor.

Before you begin your search for a pet gate, consider your specific circumstances. The size and personality of your pet will play a large role in the type of gate that you need to establish an effective boundary. The location of the gate, in addition, should help you determine the right dimensions and aesthetic style for your home.

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