Another Great Year at Global Pet Expo

At GMI, we’re very proud of the quality products we manufacture, and we love introducing them to more people. One of our favorite things is to attend various industry trade shows, where we can get face-to-face with current and potential customers, while learning about the latest industry happenings.

We recently attended the Global Pet Expo, March 12-14 in Orlando, FL, and it was a great success. Global Pet Expo is simply the largest annual pet industry trade show, and the single best opportunity to connect with people in the pet industry. Thousands of people from around the world—exhibitors and attendees—come together to display and view products, network, and learn. It’s truly an exciting event.

This year proved to be no exception. There we exhibited our Variety Display Packs, which offer retail customers a great way to easily display gates or pet barriers. These packs are three-tiered systems that conveniently hold an assortment of gates or barriers in a streamlined, organized presentation. They show off the variety of gates/barriers within them, without taking up a lot of space, and look great standing at the end of aisles in retail stores.

We provide all of the racks and marketing to accompany the Display Packs, along with signage that connects to the rack and gives all of the information on the product, giving the consumer an educated choice. Because the customer clearly sees what they are buying, these products consistently result in an increase in sales and a decrease in returns.

We met with so many people at the Global Pet Expo who were very interested in this unique product, and it proved to be a great way to get leads and sales, but also to reach customers who are normally harder to reach. We also gave away a free iPad via raffle, and would like to congratulate the winner, Jim Warren, of Paws ‘N Play in Southern Maryland.

The event was a great success, and we can’t wait to go next year—hope to see you there!

Looking Back on the Global Pet Expo – Invention and Opportunity for Manufacturing in the Pet Industry

This year’s Global Pet Expo had all the hallmarks of a booming industry. The show was HUGE. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) are reporting record breaking numbers for retailer booths, buyers, media, and New Product launches!    GMI® is pleased to report that opportunities for manufacturing and manufacturing services were found around every corner.  Pet ownership is growing throughout the US, and the Pet Products market is growing along with it, topping $49 billion in 2012.  More and more, people are treating their pets as members of the family. Now that the economy is recovering, people are spending huge amounts of money on their furry friends, celebrating their birthdays and adding them to the holiday shopping list.  Contract Manufacturers all across the US are taking note of the boom!
More new and innovative products are available for pets than ever before.  The Global Pet Expo’s 2013 New Product Showcase featured more than 900 new products, with over 3000 new product launches at the show.  Being a Pet Products Manufacturer, GMI® had an excellent opportunity to show off our Pet Products (Travel Barriers and Pet Gates) to retailers and buyers at the Global Pet Expo. But it also served as a platform to show off our expertise as a Contract Manufacturer in manufacturing, assembly, fulfillment and packaging.    The products exhibited at Global Pet are the work of small inventors, family owned businesses, and in some cases huge corporations. Attendance at the Global Pet Expo provides all of these diverse companies with exposure to a massive audience of retail buyers, but also to the possibility of lowering their manufacturing, assembly, packaging or fulfillment costs, expanding their manufacturing operations, or outsourcing them completely.  A perfect example from the show took place with a fellow exhibitor on our aisle. He is a pet furniture manufacturer who is quickly growing out of his US manufacturing facility.  He spoke to us about our Wood Manufacturing capabilities and his need to outsource some of his assembly work. We were happy to fill him in! We had many similar inquiries from Exhibitors at the show about our manufacturing, assembly, retail packaging, OEM and fulfillment capabilities, for both small and large scale projects.


The boom in the Pet Industry means that almost everything available for a person is now available for a dog or cat:  leashes, strollers, insurance, clothing, electronic devices that allow you to track your pet through your smart phone, camera security systems that allow you to talk to your pet when you’re away from home, and even custom pet beds made to match the interior of your home.  The possibilities for a skilled Contract Manufacturer are endless!