Fulfillment Services with Gateway

At Gateway, we’re here for you throughout every step of your production process. To that end, we don’t just offer manufacturing, but fulfillment services as well. It’s something we’re proud to provide to our customers because we know it saves them money and gives them a competitive advantage.

We do all of our manufacturing as Just in Time (JIT), or built-to-order. When one of our fulfillment clients receives an order, we process it and build it that day or the next, frequently getting products into the hands of our clients’ customers in three or four business days. One of our clients, PupGear, sends us orders from their retail and online stores. We then manufacture the requested product, assemble it, package it, and send it out.

Using Gateway as your company’s fulfillment partner offers many advantages. It eliminates the need to maintain your own warehouse, and the inherent costs therein, such as the cost of shipping finished products from our facility to your warehouse. In addition to saving on order processing, there’s savings on shipping: We’re centrally located here in Kentucky, which provides an advantage to clients of ours on either coast who need to ship orders over a greater distance than we do. When taken into account along with our quick production capabilities, the result is a reduction in the time it takes to get products to customers.

When you choose Gateway for your fulfillment services, you’re saving time and money– and gaining an ally that can help make your company more competitive.