Contract Packaging for Retail Products

Packaging is an essential part of any product. It is the first thing your customers see and the first thing they interact with. High quality packaging helps sell the fact that a high quality product lies within. Here at Gateway we understand this, and take great care with every project we undertake, from kitting to component packaging to final packaging.

Between our extensive experience packaging products for our customers, as well as packaging our own products, we’ve developed great relationships with our material vendors. For example, if our customer’s product needs a box, many times they refer us to their local corrugated supplied. But often times we’re able to get a better price from our supplier, lowering the overall cost of the project for our customer.

Our expertise has also given us the capability to come through in a pinch. A few weeks back a customer called to tell us that they had received a huge shipment of damaged products. The challenge presented to us: Bring the products to our facility, take out the damaged items and re-box the undamaged ones. We got it done in a matter of days, all within the required time frame.

We can handle emergency packaging jobs like the one we described above, as well as long term contracts. We also offer fulfillment services, a topic we’ll discuss in more depth in our next post.