Quest for Quality

We hold the quality of our products and our processes in the highest regard here at Gateway Manufacturing. This dedication is vital to achieving and retaining the trust of our clients. The certifications we abide by and the standard operating procedures we adhere to are evidence of our efforts.

ISO 9001:2008 – ISO is an international standard that speaks to the way a company does business. We document everything—from our manufacturing processes to our training policies to customer issues—according to the guidelines dictated by the ISO quality manual. When you walk into an ISO certified company you know how they do business. Without this certification, there would be no standard, or set process for how we build our products. For example: we could make gates with three slats one day, four the next; or build crates with 25 nails on one production run, and 50 the next. The ISO certification is a guarantee that Gateway offers tried, tested products and repeatable processes that our customers know they can rely on.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) – Following SPC protocols means that a trained SPC Inspector at our facility goes to every production line once every hour and checks every part of the process and product. In this way every process gets checked consistently by a fresh pair of eyes, 8 times per day. If the inspector finds that a part is defective at one point in the process, they go back down the production line a specified number of units to check for further flaws, allowing them to pinpoint where the problem originated and fix it. If further flaws are found, the check is continued until the origin of the problem is pinpointed, diagnosed, and remedied. All data is documented daily.

5S – 5S stands for “Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.” It dictates that everything has a place and everything should be in that place. We go throughout our workstations removing anything that doesn’t belong or isn’t used there. We put everything that should be there in a specific place and outline it, creating a shadow board for tools. We standardize this layout across workstations so everyone knows where everything is. This helps make all of our work more efficient.

Concatenating Quality – Every production operator checks the work of the previous operator. So the second person in a production line checks the work of the first person. The third person in line checks the work of the second person and the first person. By the end of the line every single operator’s work will have been checked by another operator, multiple times.

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) – Our child and baby gates are sent out to be tested by the JPMA every quarter. This process has been in place since we first started manufacturing gates back in 1996. There are no products available for children that have not passed the JPMA inspection. When they look at our gates, if there’s a safety issue they point it out, send it back, the issue is remedied, documented and it is sent back for re-testing. They provide us with another set of expert eyes, and strict standards to abide by.

As you can see we check, double check and triple check everything we do, and we record it all. We haven’t worked with a client yet who needed anything less than top quality products, so that’s what we deliver, each and every time.  Safe Quality is our #1 Goal.