GMI® Juvenile & Pet Products – Gateway Manufacturing, Inc.

GMI GateGMI® manufactures top-of-the-line Made in the USA gates for the Pet and Child markets. We mentioned in our last blog a lack of quality often found in products manufactured overseas, and the high quality standards we adhere to here at Gateway. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our gate line.

All of our processes conform to the strict standards set by our ISO 9001:2008 certification. Beyond that, our gates are JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) Certified , guaranteeing that every component used and every aspect of the design and construction is safe for the small children who will be interacting with our gates.

Every year there are hundreds of recalls on all kinds of baby and child related products. Last year was no exception. Take a look at this list of baby and child recalls from 2011. In striving for a lower bottom-line, many companies will make manufacturing or component choices that impact the integrity of their products. In the gate industry, GMI® strives to achieve the HIGHEST quality in every aspect of our products, components and manufacturing. We insist on tight control of our raw material, sourcing all of the components in our Made in the USA gates from regional sources. Our production line and team are subject to hourly SPC (Statistical Process Control) checks, once an hour, every day, on every production line. Our engineering team is continually testing and innovating to keep our gates the safest in the industry. We’ve also earned patents for multiple aspects of our gates—each aspect designed with safety in mind.

All of our efforts have contributed to a distinction we are extremely proud of: Gateway Manufacturing’s GMI® Brand is the only gate manufacturer that has never had a recall—ever.