Gateway Manufacturing: Made in America

Made In America products and practices are wonderful things. They make sense for businesses and consumers, they keep American families working, and they display to the world what America does best—create. We’ve put together a list of some of the benefits of Made in America, and the ways in which Gateway Manufacturing supports Made in America every day.

Quality Control – Products Made in America are subject to much stricter standards than those manufactured overseas. For that reason products made here are of a consistently higher quality than those that have been outsourced overseas.

Shorter Lead Times, Greater Inventory Control – It takes a long time for products to make it to U.S. shores from overseas. Because of that, it’s important to place very large orders. You don’t want to be caught short when it takes six months to get more product. But consumer trends change much faster than that, and in these tough times who can afford to be stuck with products that don’t sell? Because we’re located here in the U.S., we can ship to our clients as needed. To handle a change in demand takes nothing more than a simple phone call, and we’ll change production to match our clients’ needs.

Sourcing from America – Made in America doesn’t just mean manufacturing here, it also means sourcing from American suppliers. All of our wood comes from Kentucky and Ohio, and we get our metal stamping components from local and regional sources. Not only are we keeping jobs here in our own facility, we’re keeping Americans working across the country.

Logistics – The time and money it takes to get a product from Point A to Point B is an important consideration for any business. It’s a lot faster and cheaper to get something from our facility here in Kentucky to another part of the country than it is to get it shipped from overseas to a port on either coast, and then to have it shipped from there.

Made in America is a point of pride. Keeping America working feels good, and it results in higher quality products and services that consumers here and overseas appreciate. It’s a practice with a lot of great benefits, and we’re proud to be doing our part.